Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's All About Balance

90% of the time Poo-Key is the “normal” dog. I may have mentioned that Verdae is, well, a bit of a weirdo. Poo-Key may not be a great sport dog or trick dog. May not exactly shine where thinking is involved. Where she does shine, though, is anywhere a completely non-reactive dog would.

You would be hard pressed to find a better hiking partner. Since Verdae lives in a little bubble around his head, he completely ignores other people and dogs. He loves to follow a path and therefore stays on the trail. No wandering around in tick infested grass like Poo-Key is prone to doing. He waits when you ask him to and otherwise just trucks along at a reasonable pace. His weirdness also makes him a great travelling partner. No barking in hotel rooms. Could care less if kids are running down the hall or housekeeper are pushing their little carts around.

Basically, where Poo-Key fails, Verdae is the Honor Student.

This also goes for the living room.

Verdae does not like delivery people. He loves people in general and certainly not aggressive. He just gets stressed when people he doesn’t know come to the house. He is fine with diesel trucks away from the house. But at home it means… OMG SOMEONE IS COMING TO THE DOOR! Because he doesn’t get to greet them, he never gets to close that loop, as it were. With other people the loop is: Get excited, oh, it’s just a person, chill out. Delivery people never make it past the “get excited” part.

It is pretty easy to snap Verdae out of “The Sky Is Falling” mode. You only need to say “sq.” Don’t even need to get the whole “squirrel” word out. Just the front bit.

I don't usually complain about stuff that's free and I am not normally a bandwagon person, but I am jumping on this Blogger one, but, THE NEW INTERFACE FRICKIN' BLOWS!!! Change it back.

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