About Nina

Homerbrent Bambina of Baxterbred MX, MXJ, XF, CL4-R, CL4-S, CL4-H, CL3-F, NAC, U-CD, CGC 

Nina is a 3 year old “performance” Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She comes from a strong line of “Champion” Cavaliers from Baxterbred Kennels in Concord, MI. She has been playing agility all of her life, but only late in 2009 developed a decent agility work ethic and now, loves to compete. I guess she had a lot of puppy in her! Nina loves to swim and spends most of the summer in and out of the lake. She loves to run and jump too, and I’ve considered flyball competition for her in the future. 

"Monica and Nina: You are an amazing team who inspired so many people who have watched you run. Nina is an amazing agility dog and she loves you so much. When you two run, nothing else matters. Only living in the moment; never forget what that feels like!
At only 15 months, Nina has already taken you on a ride you will never forget. Everything about her is dedicated towards making you happy. She always runs in agility for love and she will fell that love again.
Just look into her eyes and no one can tell you that Nina doesn’t love agility.
Monica, you and Nina have a bond that can never be broken. You were meant for each other and what is meant to be, will find a way.
Monica and Nina: You have come so far in only 1 year of being together. You have beat every challenge thrown at you and proved everyone wrong. You are an amazing team and will always be an inspiration." -Anonymous