Sunday, June 10, 2012

Verdae is Almost 8 Months!

Verdae is the perfect balance of his parents. He has an amazing work ethic, immense drive and striking good looks. His box turn is exceptionally quick. His feet are so fast it doesn’t even look like he touches the flyball box. Verdae is a tugging maniac and will tug on the nearest object available. This boy is funny and loving at home but all business when time to work! At 3 weeks of age, it was obvious that this little bundle of energy wanted to be my puppy. One word describes Verdae best... HEART! His devotion is immeasurable.

A versatile athlete, Verdae will be competing in agility as well as flyball. I hope that Verdae will be following in his famous mothers paw prints and will really leave his mark in the agility world. I am planning on debuting him in the UKC show ring, as well. When not at work, Verdae is amazingly gentle and affectionate, sweet and loving. I literally could not ask for anything more than what I found in Verdae! From his rock star hair to his zealous attitude, Verdae has definitely stolen my heart! Verdae started his flyball training with a pretty laid back attitude. You’d never know it to see him now.  He begins making his screechy noises as soon as he gets near a flyball lane.  He powers over the jumps and attacks his ball in the runback area. Once Verdae turned onto agility, there was no stopping him.  Not the shy type, he certainly makes his presence known when he thinks it’s past time for him to run, but most of all, this glamour boy (giggle) loves to be the center of attention! Verdae is just a baby, and his story has many chapters waiting to be written. Check back for more updates on this flashy puppy.

Oh yeah, Verdae also REALLY enjoys the lake. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Verdae Finds the Watering Hole...

Gustavo added a couple of ponds to his property and on this hot sunny day the dogs enjoyed it. Verdae would still be in the water yet, if we let him. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

If, &'s, or Butts?

I don't really have anything to blog about in general, so brace yourself for random-ness.
Verdae is looking amazing. Amazing in agility, amazing in obedience and amazing at stealing toys from the girls. Oh, and being a bed hog, yeah he's amazing at that, too. Verdae has mastered opening the gait, so we fixed that very quickly and got a clip for it... But no. The dog has to outsmart us all. He has now mastered JUMPING the fence, chasing the mailman, and expressing his "manly-mess" on the female Daschound owned by our neighbor. They think he is a jerk, I don't blame them.

Poo-Key is still the party police, the old fart, and she is still my baby dog... Just 8 years old.

Nina, well what is there to say about Nina? SHE SNORES LIKE A PIG! (Do pigs even snore...?). In two months Nina will be 4 years old! How can it be? My little puppy dog is almost 4? Wow.

Cadence is looking amazing in agility. I am such high hopes for her and I really believe she will go far in this sport... We have a trial coming up this weekend, let's hope she doesn't try to buy a different handler like she did at the prior trial. Hehehe. ;-)

Are you ready for a "blast from the past"? Here is Nina as a little ittly puppy! Pretty cute, huh?