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Preacher’s story is a little bit similar to Verdae’s: this time, I was searching for a female blue merle Border Collie for two years, but everything went wrong with my options. At least 3 bitches never got in heat after I reserved a puppy, one stayed empty, one was diagnosed with eye problem and wasn’t bred. I never imagined so many things can go wrong! In desperation, I started to check other litters too and that’s how I found out that Piper, a beautiful red bitch, is pregnant. Too late to change her mind!

Preacher is one of those dogs who chose me. Although I do believe then when looking for a dog you always end up with the one you are meant to have. I was NOT looking for another male! When Jennifer sent me hour old pictures of Piper's puppies, I knew that this little blue merle was going to be mine. Turns out he was a boy, oh well! He is absolutely amazing in every way!

That’s how I got Preacher. He might not be a female, but afterall, that’s already my third dog of the wrong sex, so that must be a good sign!

Preacher is just a baby, and his story has many chapters waiting to be written. Check back for more updates on this flashy puppy.

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