About Poo-Key

Olympics Italian Passion NA, NAJ, OF, CL4, CGC, TDI, CD

I wanted to show you that we all started out like no one and you can become someone... You just got to get there and it will take time. Just be patient and don't give up and you'll get where you want to go. It'll be a hard fight but, the end of the battle is amazing! Five Years ago a very special dog came into my life. I got to say the year of 2006 was the best year for me. I spent countless hours teaching Poo-Key tricks and having the time of my life. But of course like any journey there are always obstacles. When Poo-Key was at three months of age, she started ruining everything in sight. She’d chew on anything and everything. She chewed huge holes in our carpets, which are still here till this day. She earned the name “The Destroyer” from my grandma, which at the time upset me. But looking back makes me laugh. Then at around six months of age, she would chase anything that would move, including cars, which almost ended her life. Then a few months later she became dog aggressive. At ten months she was finally house broken. I don’t understand why it took her that long even today.

Not even a year later we took our first agility class. I was excited to do agility with Poo-Key. She was such an active dog and it was a nice outlet. But I was afraid that her aggression towards dogs would get in the way of what we wanted to do. June 19, 2007 we walked into the building where our lives would change forever. We worked on foundation that night and boy did she prove me wrong. She wasn't 100% focused but you can expect from a first agility dog. She showed zero aggression towered the other dogs while we were out there working. Something that took countless hours was right in front of me. That opened up many doors for me in the years following. But it was always there in us.