About Verdae

VP1 Alta-Tollhaus Verdae NTD

When it was time to add a German Shepherd to our family, I wanted the same focus and drive that Cadence has, as I love training and competing in agility, schutzhund, and flyball. I am a very active person who loves to train and I love working with dogs that have a strong work ethic and one that always want more. I needed a dog that likes "action". Cadence has always been very focused and driven to work with me. Schutzhund training came very natural to her because of her 'want to' attitude - whatever I want to do, she wants to as well. She is the most stylish/natural heeling partner I have worked, having natural attention and focus.

Julie does an outstanding job of raising her Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherd puppies in preparation for any future, whether it is performance dog, well-adjusted pet or both; so when the announcement was made that Cadence was going to be bred to Rocco, I kept thinking about that breeding, but it was certainly not the intention at all the keep another puppy at this time, as I just recently bred a Border Collie litter. So I just trusted my instincts and decided not to be put on the puppy list, however this little dynamo had very different plans in store for himself! So he did his best and obviously won out to earn a very special place in my heart.

Verdae is everything I was looking for in my long awaited puppy from Funny's line. What can I say about Verdae? He's everything I could have hoped for from this breeding! The whole litter was great, but as it goes sometimes, Verdae really chose me. I see flashes of his grandmother Funny when I work him with amazing focus and his desire to please. He is a very happy-go-lucky dog who adapts to anything life throws at him. He is very confident and wastes no time in getting the job done, as fast as he can! I am not shy about boasting my awe for this remarkable German Shepherd to everyone we meet. I wholeheartedly love every single thing about him: from the long, beautiful coat, to how floppy and warm he is when cuddling at night, to his addictive enthusiasm, wanting to race around the yard as fast as he can possibly go!

Verdae is extremely biddable and eager to learn. He has his dad's incredible "bomb proof" temperament and takes everything in stride. I couldn't ask for anything more from this boy, he's a true improvement upon both of his parents, yet reminds me so much of them both at the same time. Verdae is one of the most naturally gifted dogs with amazing ground speed, athleticism, and dripping with drive. But yet, he is very sweet and biddable and wants to do it right. I am so blessed to have him in my life as he makes me smile every day and he is one of the easiest dogs to live with. When nothing is going on, he relaxes, but when I am ready to go, he is MORE than ready. He is calm and quiet and unassuming but I know that if I were ever to be threatened in his presence he would be the first to step up and protect.

Often described as a "perfect gentleman", Verdae has a friendly, outgoing personality. Verdae gets along great with all dogs, people and other animals, except he does try to herd the cats (thanks grandma Funny!). I have honestly not met very many dogs with a disposition as stable as his at such a young age. He is a very easy dog to live with, but has just the right amount of drive that is going to make him a very successful sport dog.

Julie, words really can't cover the depth of my gratitude for letting Verdae be such an incredible partner for me. Verdae is a gift beyond all words and is definitely treasured by everyone he meets. Verdae doesn't have to achieve titles, blue ribbons or any such accolades as he had already won my heart the moment I held him. As I look forward to our lives together, anticipating the joys of seeing his skills on the schutzhund field and his athleticism in agility, I realize that he was to teach me instead. He was the master conductor and I his student. And thank you Verdae for teaching me so many things as we only recently started on our journey together.

Julie, I am eternally grateful to you as a breeder and most of all a friend.