Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Then Life Came Marching In.


Have you ever felt like one day it just jumped on your back and won't let go till you decide what you are gonna do with it? Well, it’s on my back right now.

My little brother is graduating middle school Thursday. He’s growing up! Not only that, but I have an official date for my driver’s test. (My driver’s test? Wait, I didn’t agree to this…). I’m in my last year as a “child”. When did I grow up? When did I come to the point that my childish years are going to be behind me? I’m going to have to make some changes.

This life thing comes with lots of decisions.

One that I have been working on is what I am doing with my life. My conclusion has pretty much come to this. "If you want to know where your heart is. Look to where your mind goes when it wanders". What wise words. And the truth is, I wasn't letting myself go to that place for a long time. I really couldn't tell you why. Probably self doubt, wanting to hang on to things, and worry. But here I am. I know you are all wondering... Well, where the heck did it go?


Yes, I see my grandparents and brother every day. Let me explain.

I grew up in a "odd" situation. I got to see most of my cousins almost every day. We had family get-togethers at least once a week. Not only them but I grew up at with my mom. I also went to a lot of camps. Church camp, band camp, summer camp, horse camp, you name it, I’ve went. t was like a family too. Big groups getting together and just having fun. I think this is why I love dog showing so much because it reminds me of this.

My heart has been longing for home. Home with my family, the crazy get togethers, the bickering, the problems, the laughter, the joy. It has been years since my family could all be together and function in the same house for long periods of time. Maybe it’s because we’re Italian? I’m not sure.

And so, with that. I am planning something big. I am scared out of my mind. I mean to go work on my OWN scares me to death and at the same time is strangely invigorating. I am thinking about taking classes to do Animal Assisted Therapy. I have been thinking for a long time about what I want to do as a "career". I feel like this will combine everything I love and still leave me time to do things like train, trial, and do other things. I plan after taking the classes to work on some type of program with children. Not sure what exactly yet, I just know that’s what I am called to be doing! So with that- "Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its troubles. It just empties today of its strength. - Corrie Ten Boom

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