Sunday, June 3, 2012

If, &'s, or Butts?

I don't really have anything to blog about in general, so brace yourself for random-ness.
Verdae is looking amazing. Amazing in agility, amazing in obedience and amazing at stealing toys from the girls. Oh, and being a bed hog, yeah he's amazing at that, too. Verdae has mastered opening the gait, so we fixed that very quickly and got a clip for it... But no. The dog has to outsmart us all. He has now mastered JUMPING the fence, chasing the mailman, and expressing his "manly-mess" on the female Daschound owned by our neighbor. They think he is a jerk, I don't blame them.

Poo-Key is still the party police, the old fart, and she is still my baby dog... Just 8 years old.

Nina, well what is there to say about Nina? SHE SNORES LIKE A PIG! (Do pigs even snore...?). In two months Nina will be 4 years old! How can it be? My little puppy dog is almost 4? Wow.

Cadence is looking amazing in agility. I am such high hopes for her and I really believe she will go far in this sport... We have a trial coming up this weekend, let's hope she doesn't try to buy a different handler like she did at the prior trial. Hehehe. ;-)

Are you ready for a "blast from the past"? Here is Nina as a little ittly puppy! Pretty cute, huh?

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