About Cadence

V, UKC CH Alta-Tollhaus Cadence AD, BH, SchH1, KKL1, CL1-S, CL1-H

This glamour girl loves to be the center of attention. When I saw my first photo of Cadence as a puppy, I remember thinking she was absolutely “stunning”. Her looks reminded me of Funny. Funny is Cadence’s mother, but Cadence also had a wonderful temperament and tons of drive. Little did I know at the time that I would have this wonderful Cadence in my life.

Cadence is very biddable dog to train with amazing desire to please that can at times make her a bit cautious and not the over the top German Shepherd some of her siblings have proven to be. She desperately wants to do right, and above all, wants to be attached to me at all times. Cadence is certainly amazing and truly is a joy to have around. We, however, expected nothing less from this cross.

Oddly enough, I see allot of mother Funny in her and for that I am truly grateful to still see wee bits of her shining through. One of Funny's greatest achievements has been the fine offspring she has produced that compete at top levels in agility and schutzhund. Cadence has the reputation of being a bit of a handful on the schutzhund field, but at home she is a great pet.