Friday, July 13, 2012

Goals & Dreams

Many people have goals and dreams but there are few people that have dreams and not goals. How do you expect to make those dreams come true if you don't have goals? Goals are the back bone to all of you're dreams.

  • Dream:
    • To think or conceive of something in a very remote way. Most desirable; ideal.
  • Goal:
    • The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

I think the reason why most people don't achieve their dreams is they don't have the goals. Without the goals you have nothing to work towards that dream. Dreams and goals can go hand in hand. If you have a big dream that you are determined to see come true then set up goals for yourself along the way. Goals are based on variables that you do control. Like saying you will practice jump work for a day out of the week. If you have a specific plan as to how you will achieve that idea then it's now a goals.

Dreams are where you want to end up and goals are how you want to get there. Dreams are the prize we get at the end of the journey. Goals are the steps we take to get that prize. During you're journey there are going to be road blocks on the way and you will have to remember the reason of your journey and why you have held on so long.

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really Great make you feel that you too can become Great."

Write them down. Catch them. Look at them. Post your goal where you can see it. Put it on your bulletin board. Tack it beside your computer monitor. Tape it to your bathroom mirror. Seeing these goals every day will help remind you what you need to do for that goal to become a reality.

Dreams are wonderful things. Goals are what gets us there. Make your dreams your goals and get what you want in your life.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

9 Months!!!!

Where has time gone? To say I have enjoyed this dog is an understatement – He is absolutely amazing. He is known for launching and hitting the tug HARD, ripping clothes, biting hands and enjoying every second of it! I cannot see my life without him, he is my shadow, literally. Wherever I am, he HAS to be… His training is coming along very nicely. Verdae is now hired as a performance demo dog through a company based in Bay City. We will be attending  local fairs and other entertainment spots throughout Michigan (this is where my license comes in handy! ;) ). We make our debut in early August. Weekly, we drive down to IN and do dock-diving lessons, he is looking AWESOME. :)
Seems like everything is turning a shade of brown here, so the pictures are not their prettiest, but Verdae makes them pretty darn nice! ;)

Until next time....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Did Anyone Sleep Lastnight?

I used to love the 4th. It was a great kid holiday. Where I grew up, the week of the 4th was always fun. Our little town had a carnival every year, the block BBQ, the parade, balloon festivals, and, of course, the fireworks. 

Now, though? Hate it. It means at least four days of no sleeping. Four days of worrying if something is going to be set on fire. Battle Creek is so dry with no rain for 5 weeks (yes, 5 WEEKS!). We had three fires last night. Not reported if they were due to fireworks or not but I am pretty sure the brush fire and the wood shake roof fire were due to the boom booms. We had a very light winter rain-wise. Only 7 inches, I think. We are dry, dry, dry. Do folks not think about that? Ugh, people!

Happy birthday ‘Merica. Land of the free, home of the people who think they have the right to set their neighbors house on fire.

We celebrated by getting up early to beat the crowds and meet our agility buds in Grand Rapids.