Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summer in March? In Michigan!?

Today Verdae practiced his weave poles! He is now doing all 6 straight polls with drive and power. This is his 10th session using Susan Garrett's 2x2 (Excellence in Weave Pole Training) method. With Verdae, we are having great results! Even though there has been rumors saying German Shepherds cannot weave successfully using the 2x2 method, I decided to try it out with Verdae, after the first session, there is no doubt a German Shepherd can be trained using this method - And I very highly recommend it!

We will now put our weave pole training to a halt until his growth plates are closed. Below is a video by Susan Garrett followed by training pictures of Verdae from today.

Look at that power!!!

As a reward, Verdae got to play with Poo-Key in the hose, they both loved it! And to say the lease, Verdae DOES have that "Alta-Tollhaus Water Gene"...

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