Sunday, March 18, 2012

If I Knew Then... No Counting!

I probably would have gotten goldfish instead.

Okay, maybe not fish. They are kinda hard to cuddle with. Although, you can totally teach fish agility now. See? Fish Training! They have hoops. NADAC fish agility.

I probably would not have gotten curious about how much money I have spent on agility. If you have not done agility forensic accounting already, do not. Don’t. Just don’t. Really, you won’t be happy.

It would have been a car!

A really nice cars’ worth of cash I have spent for the pleasure of getting up really early on weekends, sleeping in hotels with cement beds, questionable people in the parking lot, and either freezing my ass off or sweating buckets. And, I don't trial all that much. Some of you old-timers? Probably a house by now. Maybe a Nebraska house and not a Bay Area house, but still, a HOUSE!

We have some nerve ever thinking there is something wrong with our dogs. So they decided to go in the wrong end of a tunnel or skip that yellow bit on a contact. Whoopty-do. Are they the ones spending the equivalent of the GDP of Samoa to walk around in little circles with 50 other people with stopwatches pointing at nothing?

Perhaps we need the time out...

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