Saturday, December 17, 2011

Verdae – Simply The Best!

If you have never lived with a Tasmanian devil you have not experienced Verdae. He is this crazy compact ball of energy. Even when he sleeps he looks like he is going to pounce on you. I love this little dude. From the minute I saw Verdae, I fell in love with him. He does everything with so much energy and zest for life; it’s just amazing to watch. His personality will melt your heart and his captivating eyes will touch your soul. He is very genuine and will do anything and everything he can to please me and others. I just love him to pieces, together with his looks, brain, and his work ethic, he is the coolest German Shepherd I know and I am happy to say that he is mine! He has been a blast to train for flyball. He is my second flyball dog (Lynn, my Border Collie, being the first), and I made a promise to him and myself when we started our training. I promised that no matter what, each and every training session would be based on fun. With that in mind I have had the time of my life with this dog. Obviously, he is still in the early stages of training and I can’t wait to start “big dog” training with this amazing boy! To say I love this dog is an understatement, Verdae is absolutely amazing! Verdae and I are having a blast together doing everything with flash and style as he is an unbelievably versatile dog. In the period of just over a week that he has been with me, he is nailed “sit”, “platz”, “left”, “right”, “fus”, wave, and we are also working on pivots. He is so fun! We have also been visiting a few public stores so we can get more socialization in – He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, all the people that “are there to see him” (lol).

Here are some more pictures over the past few days-

Nina, Poo-Key, and Verdae. 

Oh, and Verdae decided to "re-do" the tree. Merry Christmas to us.

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