Thursday, July 12, 2012

9 Months!!!!

Where has time gone? To say I have enjoyed this dog is an understatement – He is absolutely amazing. He is known for launching and hitting the tug HARD, ripping clothes, biting hands and enjoying every second of it! I cannot see my life without him, he is my shadow, literally. Wherever I am, he HAS to be… His training is coming along very nicely. Verdae is now hired as a performance demo dog through a company based in Bay City. We will be attending  local fairs and other entertainment spots throughout Michigan (this is where my license comes in handy! ;) ). We make our debut in early August. Weekly, we drive down to IN and do dock-diving lessons, he is looking AWESOME. :)
Seems like everything is turning a shade of brown here, so the pictures are not their prettiest, but Verdae makes them pretty darn nice! ;)

Until next time....

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